Because dedicated servers are costly, it is imperative for business owners to determine whether or not the servers are worth the price. While the bottom line is certainly a main decision-making factor, it should not be the sole one; there are several other points to take into consideration.

The following are several advantages for businesses that use a dedicated server as opposed to a shared server:

– Better Scalability
– Dedicated Resources
– Greater Flexibility
– Higher Speeds
– Increased Power
– More Control
– Stronger Security

If these are features you feel are beneficial to your business, a dedicated server is your best choice.


Besides money, another crucial aspect to keep in mind is performance. As concluded by web statistics, the average website visitor will grow impatient if made to wait over seven seconds for a web page to load. If forced to wait any longer, the visitor will simply move onto another website, usually the first site’s competitor. The server is one of the factors that plays a part in a site’s loading time. When resources are being overused by numerous customers, the traffic surge will slow down the downloading time. In extreme instances, the server will crash, causing the website to go offline for hours.


Business owners should also be concerned about security. The more people using the same server, the more possible it is for a website’s security to become compromised. If a virus is circulating, it can easily be spread from customer to customer. Therefore, anyone using a shared server is at a greater risk than someone who chooses a dedicated server.

As most people are aware, there are business websites that engage in illegal Internet activities such as spamming. Businesses that are discovered doing this will cause every website on the same IP address to become blacklisted even though it is unfair for innocent sites to be suspended.

A business owner who uses a shared server has zero control over the programs ran by the server even though the programs in question are accessible to every server customer. Therefore, it is crucial to understand all installed programs on the server. Many up-and-coming businesses find it beneficial to customize existing scripts or even install their own; however, doing so is only possible via dedicated hosting.

When “push comes to shove,” it is the business’ responsibility to evaluate their website’s needs against the offers given by a prospective web host. If the business owner feels that they are better served by using a dedicated server and purchasing a dedicated hosting package is within their budget, they should certainly go this route.

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