Finding the right type of hosting can be a struggle at times, especially when you have so many options to choose from. The two basic types of hosting services are free hosting and shared hosting. Shared hosting is a cheap hosting solution, but free hosting will be totally free for you. There are both pros and cons to using free hosting and shared hosting. A website that you plan to host will need space and bandwidth, two things that are not free in this world. There is always a price to pay, even in terms of free hosting. Even if your website will only consist of one page, you will still need to have hosting, which should be reliable. The type of hosting you intend to choose is totally up to you, but you should definitely consider the requirements for your website before making a purchase decision.

If your website will be a plain static website, you could go with free hosting. However, if you need databases, emails and other features; free hosting usually won’t cut it. Free hosting usually only gives you a sub domain, or your own domain, space and bandwidth. There are many limitations with free hosting, as you cannot use over a specific amount of space and bandwidth. If you do exceed your limit, your account will be suspended for the remaining period of the month, or until your plan restarts the next month. Free hosting would still be a good choice, if you just want to be seen on the Internet. Some starter businesses tend to go for free hosting, which is then switched to shared hosting once there website has grown. With free hosting, you do not have to worry about monthly fees or any sort of service charge. Most free web hosting companies give you free hosting, while in return, you allow them to place ads on your website. The ad revenue is solely for the free hosting company. Here’s a list of free web hosting companies that do not put forced advertisements on your website or in other words, free web hosting with no forced ads.

Shared hosting is a common choice among website owners and businesses. With shared hosting, you get all the benefits of web hosting, with features such as databases, ftp clients, emails and extra software’s. Shared hosting is simply a service where the hosting company has one single server, which it uses to supply many users with space, bandwidth and resources. By doing so, hosting companies are able to offer its clients a great deal for hosting services. The shared hosting system is great if you are looking for a reliable service, with support and full features. You do not have to worry about hardware issues or system crashes, as all that is handled by your hosting company.

In the end, it all comes down to the fact that, you have to know what you are looking for. If you want to test a site or simply host a page on internet; you could easily go for free web hosting. However, if you need something that is more reliable and with technical support, your best bet is to choose shared web hosting.

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