Almost anyone will tell you that there is no comparison between a free web hosts versus a paid host. Do not think however that you will need to avoid free web hosting all together though. They are good for the more immature companies that are not that professional in terms of business sense. It is also good for those companies that may not require a big amount of bandwidth or space. When it comes to an actual online company that is professional in manner however free web hosting begins to lose its appeal. These companies require a high quality, reliable, as well as more supportive hosting service that do not have very many pitfalls. There are certain points that distinguish these two components into two very different categories.

1. Space

The first very important concept of any web hosting company would be the allocation of space among its various users. The space needed largely depends on the company’s nature of business and the amount of visitor traffic on any given day. There should be no compromise when it comes to basic space size for any business no matter what their needs; they all need room to grow. Generous allocation to a business site is the only way to add real value to their site. This allocation is only possible with paid web hosting. With free web hosting you will not have as many space options if they offer the option at all. Space is one of the most vital differences between paid and free web host sites.

2. Transfer of Data

The speed of data transfer is another critical as well as challenging part of web hosting. It is a matter of serious thought by companies that are searching for a web host site. None of their visitors want to sit there and wait for a page to take forever to load. Instead the company’s visitors want instant connectivity and the web host should be able to provide it. The bandwidth greatly determines the speed of this transmission so if the web host does not offer a large amount of bandwidth then there will be lagging in the customer’s website. Free web hosting is usually the ones that do not offer a lot of bandwidth space options. A good quality web host should provide their customers with the right amount of bandwidth for their needs.

3. Support

A key component to any successful webhosting company is their technical support team. The paid web hosting sites have technical support generally will have technical support available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. The free web host sites do not offer full time support if they happen to offer any at all.

These are just the main differences that occur between free web hosts and paid ones. If you are looking for all of the above options then your best bet would be to use a paid site.

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  1. Trish Fritz Says:

    Space, Transfer of Data, and Support are a very important factors in purchasing a web hosting service. So I suggest you review first the hosting site.