Online success depends on many factors.  Basically we will need one domain name, and one web hosting service, to start with.  Afterwards we can decide about the actual erection of the website and the content that is to be uploaded to its webpages.  But to start our online business, the hosting webspace and domain are needed first.

Web hosting service is actually the provision of your storage space in a remote server and the bandwidth necessary for your visitors to access your website through your domain, say something like A modern web hosting provider can offer many services which are very useful as well as important for advanced websites, online software applications, or when you’re planning to launch a complex website.  They will not be required by an average user who wants to erect a simple website.

If what you require is a simple website, with a gallery, some internal webpages and some information about you, your company, your brand or whatever that interests you and like to share with others, you can surely use a free web hosting service.

Many free web hosting providers are there on the Web, and most of them provide a good service, but they insert advertisements on your homepage, which many visitors find annoying.  Others though their hosting service is free of advertisements, yet their webspace is limited or they will not allow the use of PHP or MySQL which is important when you’re using databases on the website.

Many free web hosting providers occupy low ranks on listings, and this means that your website will be out of reach of your potential customers.  Anyhow there are some benefits in using free web hosting to establish your presence on the Web, particularly if you’re a beginner and want to learn before you invest on your website.  Remember to do your research on the free web hosting providers before choosing one for you.

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