Being one of the most popular and HostGator Review Couponslargest hosting providing companies on the net to date everyone would pretty much expect you to know them – it’s easy to know of them but you probably haven’t tried out their service which is why this review like all the others are in place.  Unfortunately a lot of reviews on the Internet are made up but i can assure you this one is not and it’s an honest decision from an honest Hostgator client, who has been one for many years.

The good thing myself and thousands of other webmasters have found with Hostgator is that their service and support is top notch – it’s also one of the cheapest providers out there so that’s definitely half if not the full battle. Many visitors to the Hostgator website are hesitant to try out their service at first because most webmasters know Hostgator oversell their disk space and monthly transfer – meaning they sell space and monthly transfer they can’t completely promise you’ll have although it’s very likely. Now there are some good and bad points about overselling but I’ll not discuss it in much detail other than saying by overselling their services they are providing you with a still reliable and very cheap service you’ll not find in many other places, and this is why i feel Hostgator is definitely one of the best hosting providers out there.

The Hostgator support is one of the most helpful and has a very prompt response time whichever support method you use so you can guarantee that if you need help with anything related to hosting an experienced support or sales assistant will be there at your doorstep. Most support requests are answered within minutes no matter what time or day you require it as they guarantee that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year their in house staff will be available to answer your requests – this to me is already worth paying that small monthly fee for and not only do you get prompt support you also get a very reliable service from a committed hosting provider.Host Gator Review
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