Even though there are a large number of people being hosted on paid hosting services, it does not mean there isn’t a market for free hosting sites. If you can manage to start a free hosting site with the right tools and services, it would surely attract some visitors. Today, many people are looking into creating their own personal sites that connect them with their families and buddies. The world’s number one social networking site does not have a website creation system for people to showcase their blog or anything of that sort. If you think about it, allowing users to use social networking sites to build sites could get out of hand.

By creating a free hosting site that incorporates an easy to use site builder as well as a social networking interface, it would really attract users. So, how do you start in creating a free hosting company of your own?

As you may or may not know, in order to provide hosting, you will need a server. You have the choice to choose VPS hosting plans or a dedicated server. You cannot choose shared hosting; as it will not give you access to create smaller hosting plans for clients. Once you have your dedicated server or VPS plan, you need to begin thinking about your website and a name for it. Use search engines to make sure that the name isn’t already registered by another company. Branding your hosting services as your own is a crucial part when you are launching your business.

Hire a web designer to design a unique and relevant theme for your site. The design should incorporate your logo, free hosting plans and other aspects of the site. Don’t stop at free hosting, but instead, offer customers to choose other paid hosting plans. Giving your clients the chance to upgrade from a free hosting plan to a paid hosting service can work really well for you. When the free hosting plan becomes too small for them, they may just consider becoming a paid client, but that does depend on how you treat them as a free hosting client.

When you have your website and servers set up, it is time to focus on the software and website builders you are going to use. You need an automated account creation system that opens up a hosting account for the user that signs up for your site. There are a number of scripts that could do this for you, such as WHMCS. This particular script is great for both free and paid hosting services. The user could use a domain of their choice or use a sub-domain provided under your root domain. The hardest part in getting the free hosting business off the ground is advertising and promotion. Spend time researching the various mediums by which you can promote your free hosting site.

In order to make money, you will need to insert ads on your clients’ sites. As soon as the client signs up for your website, an ad should be added to the homepage of their site. Unlike other free hosts, you should allow the user to change the style of the ad, which would make it blend in with their overall design. This would allow the client to be happy since the ad is not a disturbance to them. Another option is to only have ads placed within the clients’ web hosting control panel. This option might not make you as much money as having ads on the client’s sites, but it will be less annoying to them and therefore you should get more clients that will stay with you. Apart from ad revenue, you can generate sales from your paid hosting section. In the end, it all comes down to diversity in the service you offer.

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