Free web hosting works best if you are new at this and wish to learn how the ropes work through first-hand experience. It would definitely not be smart if you started out with a .com business. So, what can you avail from free web hosting providers?

First and foremost, you will receive online web space completely free of charge; this is possibly the biggest advantage to this. A disadvantage you will not have quality technical support, up time, or reliability.

Therefore, if you wish to use web hosting simply to shell out a couple of ideas, to broadcast a site about your hobbies or other similar things, then choosing free web hosing providers is ideal for you. Free web hosting also tends to be great for websites with low traffic. For instance, you may wish to share your website only with family and friends in order to exchange certain ideas.

It is not advisable at all for those who wish to run or completely start a business online, no matter how great free web hosting providers may paint it out to be. Free traffic transfer space simply isn’t a guaranteed offer with free web hosting providers, which can completely destroy your business. Additionally, you would lose out with visitors when the server is not up to par. Another huge obstacle would be poor technical support, most of all if you get a lot of website traffic since interruption would merely frustrate any visitor and send them away from your site.

The main point that would make anyone with an online business not opt for free web hosting is because the company would simply look like a cheap amateur. Some free website hosts put advertisements on your website. Other possible disadvantages include no access to perl or cgi script, no sub-directories, no safe server for credit card use and very low visibility when it comes to search engine optimization.

In conclusion, beginners who wish to find out how to have a website on the Internet and those who wish to share personal things with friends and family should make use of free web hosting. For other reasons, professional web hosting services are recommended.

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