So, you have your website designed and set up, but you need to get it online for the rest of the world to see. Web hosting is what you need to get, in order to have your website online. Web hosting does come at a price, but it can be obtained for free as well. If your website is going to be just a hobby you have little interest for, you could easily create your website on a free web hosting site. However, if you wish to have a reliable web hosting solution, you should get paid web hosting.

The most common type of paid hosting solution is shared hosting. Shared hosting is the most commonly used and purchased hosting solution as it is the cheapest. The major websites on the Internet that rake in thousands of users per day are hosted on their own servers, since a shared hosting account will not be able to handle the load. The pricing for web hosting will vary depending on many factors such as the amount of space, bandwidth, domains, emails, and databases you need. The pricing structure is different for each company as well, so you can’t really compare using the pricing scale. However, a good comparison scheme can be established using the services you will be getting.

If you are looking to get discounts on your hosting plan, there are a few things you can do without asking anyone for help. In an effort to gain more clients, hosting companies often send out promotional coupon codes to web hosting review sites, and eventually these codes will be seen on blogs, forums and chat rooms. The discounts you can gain from these coupons aren’t much, but they do make a difference. Some hosting companies offer the first month free, while others give a free domain for life, as long as you don’t go anywhere else.

Another great way to get discounts or cheap offers would be to visit various web hosting review sites. Web hosting review sites like will list many of the top rated hosting companies along with any discounts that are available. This is great because usually the first company you see will be the one with the lowest price, but the best among the top. Due to fierce competition in the web hosting business, companies now offer unlimited hosting for prices as low as $3.95 a month. Considering that a cup of coffee is about 1.50, the price of hosting isn’t bad at all.

Very few, hosting companies in the world have a special feature on their website, where users are prompted with discount codes, every time they try to leave the page. So, if you are browsing the page and you decide to quit, you will be shown a discount code for say twenty-percent off for the entire year. The second time you close the page, you will be shown a code for even a larger discount. This is great way to benefit from the companies discount offer, but it is quit hard to find companies that does this. However, there are companies that still use this marketing technique, so you may get lucky one day.

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