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Posted on Thursday, 18th February 2010 by The Free Hosts

Online success depends on many factors.  Basically we will need one domain name, and one web hosting service, to start with.  Afterwards we can decide about the actual erection of the website and the content that is to be uploaded to its webpages.  But to start our online business, the hosting webspace and domain are needed first.


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Posted on Sunday, 26th July 2009 by The Free Hosts

Almost anyone will tell you that there is no comparison between a free web hosts versus a paid host. Do not think however that you will need to avoid free web hosting all together though. They are good for the more immature companies that are not that professional in terms of business sense. It is also good for those companies that may not require a big amount of bandwidth or space. When it comes to an actual online company that is professional in manner however free web hosting begins to lose its appeal. These companies require a high quality, reliable, as well as more supportive hosting service that do not have very many pitfalls. There are certain points that distinguish these two components into two very different categories.


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Posted on Saturday, 18th April 2009 by The Free Hosts

Free web hosting works best if you are new at this and wish to learn how the ropes work through first-hand experience. It would definitely not be smart if you started out with a .com business. So, what can you avail from free web hosting providers?


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Posted on Sunday, 29th March 2009 by The Free Hosts

If you are new to website building, no doubt you will be bombarded with advertisements for free website hosting companies. You might wonder how hosting providers can offer free hosting. The simple reason they can offer this service is that they make their money selling advertisements. Often, these won’t be the sleek, professional looking sites, rather, they will be heavy on flashy ads and pop-ups that temporarily block the view of your content.

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Posted on Friday, 28th November 2008 by The Free Hosts

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