Some free hosting providers really are true to their word, they offer you a handful of space and monthly data transfer which comes with good support – all completely free with no strings attached. There really are free hosting providers out there that aren’t there to get anything from you but are committed to building a good reputation by providing free hosting – which is all good in my eyes. There are actually a wide variety of problems with some free hosting providers, they actually aren’t as ‘free’ as they say they are.

In some cases when some hosting providers say they offer a reliable and free shared web hosting service it usually means they are after something from their service users – which is you and many others. It could be anything from posting on their forums, renewing and paying for the service you are using at the end of the month, and some providers even want your email to put in a list so they can sell that list to advertisers and make a lot of money from it – which is completely legal because when you sign up to their service you are signing an internet signature which means you agree to their terms and conditions which usually includes the ability to sell your email to third party advertisers.

You may even find yourself running into a scammer if you are one of those people who uses 1 or 2 passwords to login to every form on websites you use – they can easily steal your passwords and you may not even find out about it. If you are using a free service make sure you think about the little things such as using different passwords and maybe registering a new email to use for the free service just so your regular email doesn’t get spammed to death by advertisers. Using a free hosting provider isn’t always worth the hassle as a lot of them aren’t reliable and promise a service you won’t get.

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